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The Futurist (Haringey) - Episode 01 - 2018

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The Futurist (Haringey) All things STEAM’d uP news ● articles ● events ● recruitment ● empowerment. Content - StART building on Zero Waste. pg4 - Triple Darkness Space Probe; creative science learning. pg5 - Attainment 8, Progress 8 ??? A guide to the monitoring of children’s progress in schools. pg6 - A Our oily waterways ! : “Industrial scale release of oil”. pg8 - Tayfun highlights his value of mathematics and his Turkish heritage. pg8 - Event Listings. pg8 - Time for a short story from a master story teller… pg9 - Our Home-School Knowledge Exchange vision, get involved. pg11 - Volunteer Recruitment - Get Involved. pg12

A Our oily waterways ! :

A Our oily waterways ! : “Industrial scale release of oil” The River Lea and surrounding reservoirs, located between Walthamstow and Tottenham in north London, a few miles north of the Olympic Park, are the largest urban wetland reserves in Europe. This area and surrounding reservoirs, have been described as an ‘urban oasis’ for both wildlife and nature lovers. Tayfun’s maths vs traditional and constructivist approaches to learning; the Turkish view. Tayfun is a local rapper gone big, with his rap FIGO, “do the maths”. In this article we review Turkish values of maths in the context of culture. How does the traditional approach compare to the constructivist way, what do these terms really mean? In this, our area, there has been a major waterway pollution event over the last few weeks, did you hear about it? Cod liver oil ? The impact of the waste spillage or dumping has been debilitating. Unnaturally such events damage nesting grounds and other wild life habitats. We spoke with all the key agencies involved in the recovery and local environmentalist Robert Thairu of Elite Estates Recycling (EER). In this article we give the most detailed summary report on what took place, the historic context and explore the principles that may touch your heart. Are you a polluter of the environment in which you live (directly or indirectly) when does your act of fly tipping your pollutant move from being careless to being an act of aggression? 08 f u t u r i s t S T E A M . c o . u k E p i s o d e 0 1 - 2 0 1 8 FuturistSTEAM Event Listings Our events listings are the essential start point for all STEAM events (STEM + the ARTs) in and around Haringey. We are actively listing all the events engaging science, technology, engineering, the arts (intersecting STEM) and maths. For youth or adults, the general public, academics, professionals or the real enthusiast, this is an essential listing to subscribe to for insightful updates and opportunities. If you are interested in listing your event here, or for information about the FuturistSTEAM Event Listings service, click in now.

Story-time with the Masters: Abit and the Point of Origin: Abit the Praying Mantid took one of his special naps and as he slept a whole world was created. In this place it was strange because at first he could not perceive anything but then a point came to him. Immediately he created another point and so there were two points, they were twins. Abit played with the points all day realising for the first time what a day was and from that time on space-time was known in a deeper way. Abit went to his friend Winchi, the Crane, to show her his points and the new world he was coming to know. She was impressed and in her excitement she… Get the full story sent to you: https://

Episode One

The Futurist (Haringey) - Episode 01 - 2018
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