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The Futurist (Haringey) - Episode 01 - 2018

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The Futurist (Haringey) All things STEAM’d uP news ● articles ● events ● recruitment ● empowerment. Content - StART building on Zero Waste. pg4 - Triple Darkness Space Probe; creative science learning. pg5 - Attainment 8, Progress 8 ??? A guide to the monitoring of children’s progress in schools. pg6 - A Our oily waterways ! : “Industrial scale release of oil”. pg8 - Tayfun highlights his value of mathematics and his Turkish heritage. pg8 - Event Listings. pg8 - Time for a short story from a master story teller… pg9 - Our Home-School Knowledge Exchange vision, get involved. pg11 - Volunteer Recruitment - Get Involved. pg12


The flaws in Attainment 8 – Part 1: Should schools be most accountable to the community or the government? To read the full article online FREE: This article contains the following sections: The government maybe looking to introduce another new “accountability measure” into the education system, the ideas being discussed are about testing at KS1, tests for four to five year olds. From our Trust’s community engagement works we know that most people have not yet caught up with the changes of 2016, a major portion of these changes are the introduction of Attainment 8, Progress 8 and new GCSE grading levels which are scored from 1 to 9. In this in-depth article we are looking at a few of the issues around these new accountability measures that you ought to know about. New systems have been introduced, do you know about them? What is Attainment 8? Attainment 8 measures a student's average grade across eight subjects Calculating Attainment 8 When schools are calculating Attainment 8, they add up the points for each student’s eight subjects and then divide by ten to get their Attainment 8 score. A school's Attainment 8 score is the average of all of its student’s personal attainment 8 scores. Students don't have to take 8 subjects, but the new monitoring system scores zero for any unfilled slots. Sometimes this system can generate conflicting interests between the school, the teacher and the learner, find out more. What is Progress 8? Progress 8 measures a student's progress between Key Stage 2 (10 to 11 years old) and Key Stage 4 across eight key subjects. This is challenging as at Key Stage 2 students are not doing eight key subjects in as clear a way as they are at the end of Key Stage 4 (15 to 16 years old). Our article reviews how this has been tackled. Lets recap again on the relationship of Attainment 8 and Progress 8 06 f u t u r i s t S T E A M . c o . u k E p i s o d e 0 1 - 2 0 1 8

Benchmarking the common good in society The issue that exists with the new accountability system is that because it is built to support the accountability of schools to the government, there is no expressed desire for schools to be truly accountable to regular people, the community. With years of data showing specific segments of the learning community who are constantly being labelled as “disadvantaged” when compared to the to the whole community, it becomes important, a matter of integrity, for civil society to look carefully, with that empathy that human beings can have, at those situations and be ready to guard against the slippery slope of poor life prospects and under development that will pull everyone down (one way or the other). Attainment 8 in Haringey by ethnicity and gender Progress 8 in Haringey by gender and ethnicity Black boys in the cracks of the system; We give an revealing analysis of this data, find out more. Concerns, solutions and conversations to be had. These monitoring systems repeatedly highlights the possibility of equalities violations that remain repeatedly unresolved. Why? Read more about our Unified solutions. To read the full article online FREE: How the GCSE grading system works? The True Potential of the Child Who is accountable to whom? These measures and systems are designed to give accountability from schools to central government. Under discussion are the children of communities and at the very point of the “conversation” is the true potential of the child, your child. your child needs to be on the foundation tier. School Teacher and crystal ball Parents A8 & P8 Data Child

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The Futurist (Haringey) - Episode 01 - 2018
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