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The Futurist (Haringey) - Episode 01 - 2018

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The Futurist (Haringey) All things STEAM’d uP news ● articles ● events ● recruitment ● empowerment. Content - StART building on Zero Waste. pg4 - Triple Darkness Space Probe; creative science learning. pg5 - Attainment 8, Progress 8 ??? A guide to the monitoring of children’s progress in schools. pg6 - A Our oily waterways ! : “Industrial scale release of oil”. pg8 - Tayfun highlights his value of mathematics and his Turkish heritage. pg8 - Event Listings. pg8 - Time for a short story from a master story teller… pg9 - Our Home-School Knowledge Exchange vision, get involved. pg11 - Volunteer Recruitment - Get Involved. pg12

StART building on Zero

StART building on Zero Waste To read the full article online FREE: This article contains the following sections: Introduction to StART; StART (St Anns Redevelopment Trust) aims to tackle the housing crisis by creating new, genuinely affordable homes in Haringay on the former St Ann's hospital site. Deep into the design ethic; Great attention has been paid to the design of these affordable homes proposed by StART, towards the design of the buildings and whole estate. So The Futurist probed deeper to see what was behind this deep design ethic. Considering the true “zero waste” principle; This land Trust has sought to be in harmony with Sadiq Khan’s pledges to make London zero waste, which is expressed in the framework and that of One Planet Living, what a wonderful idea, but what does it really mean? 04 f u t u r i s t S T E A M . c o . u k E p i s o d e 0 1 - 2 0 1 8 Absolute zero-waste solution; are anaerobic digestion systems a key part of the answer? New technologies lift-off when they address real needs and/or are backed by strong determinations, so let The Futurist bring forward this very interesting conversation around the challenging issues in establishing absolute zero waste homes in Haringey. We spoke further to André Skepple a special advisor associated to the Peoplescience Intelligence Unit, who having spent many years in the waste management sector is now CEO of FullSpektrum Innovations Ltd, an emergent agile learning agency. What would you choose, more homes or decentralised waste and energy management facilities? To read the full article online FREE:

Triple Darkness Space Probe; creative science learning To read the full article online FREE: This article contains the following sections: Intro The Black Open University is preparing to send a CubeSat (mini satellite) into space. We want YOU, your family and the whole community of interest to get involved and add to the project brief and plan. What is a CubeSat? A CubeSat is a small, lightweight nanosatellite (Picosatellite) shaped in a cube form, it is a mini satellite that is relatively easy to construct. Design structure Power systems, altitude control and Propulsion Telecommunications & ICT Cost and budgeting The history of messages to outer space True voices… deep in the triple darkness. Having reviewed the Voyager messages the Black Open University have found them both inspiring and yet profoundly lacking. Our project has identified a need for messages to be sent into the space that give the true voices of Africa the dignity and respect they deserve. Do you agree or disagree? We welcome a broader discussion about this point. Key project partners, associates and consultants How can you get involved? To read the full article online FREE: 05 f u t u r i s t S T E A M . c o . u k E p i s o d e 0 1 - 2 0 1 8

Episode One

The Futurist (Haringey) - Episode 01 - 2018
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