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Prospectus - Level Being 9 - The Best - The highest possible level - uLearn Naturally GCSE Mathematics

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uLearn Naturally GCSE Mathematics Learnt in the context of STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics For learners from 8-19y. Using the Unifiedknowledge approach to Education we teach the Classical and Big Ideas of mathematics through creative liberal arts education from an African place of being. Working to the UK’s AQA national curricular standards we will only aim for Level Being 9: the best.

Please note carefully

Please note carefully that: ● in general terms this programme is open to children aged 8 years and above. There is a possibility of younger entrants being accepted subject to assessment and by special agreement. ● by the term Concentrated Unifiedknowledge Learning we mean here that we are concentrating the learning of GCSE Mathematics from the standard system’s 10 years typically covering the primary and secondary school life of the average learner. ● our learners will be made ready to pass the British (UK) GCSE Maths competence from an African (traditionally universal) place of being, therefore suffering no loss or damage of educational dignity (we will be empowering their self integrity / self esteem). ● entry into GCSE assessment with external agencies carries additional costs, these costs including our internal administration of this process should not exceed £360 per learner. This is a one time payment made 3 to 6 months before the examination is to be taken. ● we will require that enrolled learners have their fees paid at least 2 terms in advance. This means new enrolments will pay 2 quarterly instalments with their application to enrol, from then on the next instalment will be due 30 days before the beginning of the next quarterly term. Paid fees are non-refundable. ● this programme of learning seeks to create the optimal environment for learning as well as to deliver to and nurture from the learner unifiedknowledge. To achieve this it is essential that parents / guardians have a practical consciousness and competence with the Unifiedknowledge pedagogy. Therefore it is essential that parents / guardians also enrol in the Educating with Unifiedknowledge Foundation Course One and Two as an ongoing compliment to their child’s learning of Level Being 9. The quarterly fee (three monthly term) for this is £234, this fee can be discounted to £210.60 per quarter if an annual instalment plan is taken up. ● Over the first year of this full time learning programme further education (FE) learning paths will be developed (ie. A-level, Degree learning pathways etc). These will also be within the Unifiedknowledge pedagogical approach to learning. Page: 10 of 14 -

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Prospectus - Level Being 9 - The Best - The highest possible level - uLearn Naturally GCSE Mathematics
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