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Black Open University (BOU) Prospectus 2019-2020

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Black Open University (BOU) Prospectus 2019-2020 learner – family – community Centred Education የጥምር ፡ ዕውቀት ። Unifiedknowledge Courses 2019-2020 for families, children, parents, adults & professionals in education STEAM’d uP learning: ● Science ● Technology ● Engineering ● the Arts ● Maths - - - - - - - - - Contents: Principal message: ሐሺማ Small Group – Face to Face Courses Educating with Unifiedknowledge: Foundation Course One Hair Structure Science & the Alpha Helix Design Level Being 9 - uLearn Naturally GCSE: Preparations for Mastery Level Being 9 - uLearn Naturally GCSE: Mastery Level Being 9 - Fee Plan A & B Dankira Tehwagi - African Warrior Dance Special Projects & Cooperatives Go Deep Short eCourses Overstanding Basic Arithmetic Fear - a key for transforming it: Fear is the Mind Killer Abit's Secret: Overstanding the Warrior's Province (space) Abit and the Point of Origin: What is Number? Ngd Zehde TaJaBa Guidance: help with wholistic business/venture planning abunDANCE in Schools: Workshops for Primary and Secondary schools

Hair Structure Science &

Hair Structure Science & the Alpha Helix Design This course uses our custom designed Hair Structure Science - Poster Sheet 1 to go deeply into the biological structures in hair from the root to the elemental level. The unique laminated poster is supplied with the course. Watch this intro video for a taster: Units of Learning: Introduction to course and Unifiedknowledge, [0] Water, [1] Three Classic Questions: Number, Measure & Ratio, [2] Exponents and the Unit of Power, [3] Reciprocal, [4] Logarithm, Going inside 1 Metre – prepare for advance visualisation, Detailed cross section of skin and hair structures (African coil), Hair coil strength principles, Keratin protein, Polypeptide backbone structure, Amino Acids, Five key elements, Sub atomic elements, iconic metaphor, Periodic Table – spiral form, [5] Ions, [6] Water's self-ionisation process, [7] Isotopes, [8] pH (the Acid : Base ratio), [9] The Mole, Organic apple cider vinegar treatment idea, The Science of Hair Damage, Surfactants, Shampoos & Conditioners, The effect of Oils on Human Hair, African Hair And Curly Hair, Hair Strength, Cosmetics for thin Hair, Washing and Grooming Procedures, Hair Straighteners, Damage by Heat, Hair Dyes, Summary of powers to be gained by these studies areas. CODE: HRS: WKS: DAY: TIME: FEE: HSS-FC1 2h 11 of 13 Tuesdays 18:30 £234 WEB: Page: 8 of 28 c o urses @ bl a c k op en uni v erisit

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Black Open University (BOU) Prospectus 2019-2020
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