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Black Open University (BOU) Prospectus 2019-2020

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Black Open University (BOU) Prospectus 2019-2020 learner – family – community Centred Education የጥምር ፡ ዕውቀት ። Unifiedknowledge Courses 2019-2020 for families, children, parents, adults & professionals in education STEAM’d uP learning: ● Science ● Technology ● Engineering ● the Arts ● Maths - - - - - - - - - Contents: Principal message: ሐሺማ Small Group – Face to Face Courses Educating with Unifiedknowledge: Foundation Course One Hair Structure Science & the Alpha Helix Design Level Being 9 - uLearn Naturally GCSE: Preparations for Mastery Level Being 9 - uLearn Naturally GCSE: Mastery Level Being 9 - Fee Plan A & B Dankira Tehwagi - African Warrior Dance Special Projects & Cooperatives Go Deep Short eCourses Overstanding Basic Arithmetic Fear - a key for transforming it: Fear is the Mind Killer Abit's Secret: Overstanding the Warrior's Province (space) Abit and the Point of Origin: What is Number? Ngd Zehde TaJaBa Guidance: help with wholistic business/venture planning abunDANCE in Schools: Workshops for Primary and Secondary schools

Ngd Zehde TaJaBa

Ngd Zehde TaJaBa Guidance: help with wholistic business/venture planning Preparing a business plan can be an ominous task that many fear. For this reason we have realised that developing a “Preliminary Executive Summary” is a useful and natural way into the business planning process (zehde). This course’s core modelling tool will bring your mind to all the key areas that must be considered. The exercises will help assure you of the venture’s value and will help direct your future attention (work: energy and time) into the best development process. DOWNLOAD THE FULL GUIDANCE: CODE: HRS: WKS: DAY: TIME: FEE: NZTJB 2h 11 of 13 customised customised £270 WEB: Page: 20 of 28 c o urses @ bl a c k op en uni v erisit

Special Projects & Cooperatives The Black Open University is preparing to send a CubeSat (mini satellite) into space. Welcome to the Triple Darkness Space Probe project It will carry messages from Pan-Africa and we will experiment with power systems using synthetic melanin powered batteries. We want YOU, your family and the whole community of interest to get involved and add to the project brief and plan. Projects like this are used to help facilitate maths and science (STEM) learning for our cadets. GET MORE INFO: uLearn Naturally Media Services is administered by Abundance Centres (UK). We are the publishers of The Futurist (Haringey), you can find out more about our other media services here; and We are established to work with centres throughout the UK building ground breaking media service provisions that are designed to support Home-School Knowledge Exchange (HSKE) principles and projects. We define “schools” in a very broad way as “centres of determined learning” including for example libraries, youth provision, learning projects/events, children's centres, primary and secondary schools etc. With these “centres of determined learning” uLearn Naturally Media Services seeks to create community led infrastructure that allows learning processes and networks to work in more innovative and effective ways thereby raising learning outcomes and impacts. There are two main media service operations being developed: ● ● uLearn Naturally Radio - (internet radio) The Futurist - STEAM’d uP3 magazines and publications (localised, in-print and digital) GET MORE INFO: project management associates: Abundance Centres (Haringey) Development Trust New educational cooperative ● ● inviting local membership now recruiting volunteers for several interesting projects Page: 21 of 28 c o urses @ bl a c k op en uni v erisit Get More Info:

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Black Open University (BOU) Prospectus 2019-2020
Prospectus - Level Being 9 - The Best - The highest possible level - uLearn Naturally GCSE Mathematics
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