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Black Open University (BOU) Prospectus 2019-2020

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Black Open University (BOU) Prospectus 2019-2020 learner – family – community Centred Education የጥምር ፡ ዕውቀት ። Unifiedknowledge Courses 2019-2020 for families, children, parents, adults & professionals in education STEAM’d uP learning: ● Science ● Technology ● Engineering ● the Arts ● Maths - - - - - - - - - Contents: Principal message: ሐሺማ Small Group – Face to Face Courses Educating with Unifiedknowledge: Foundation Course One Hair Structure Science & the Alpha Helix Design Level Being 9 - uLearn Naturally GCSE: Preparations for Mastery Level Being 9 - uLearn Naturally GCSE: Mastery Level Being 9 - Fee Plan A & B Dankira Tehwagi - African Warrior Dance Special Projects & Cooperatives Go Deep Short eCourses Overstanding Basic Arithmetic Fear - a key for transforming it: Fear is the Mind Killer Abit's Secret: Overstanding the Warrior's Province (space) Abit and the Point of Origin: What is Number? Ngd Zehde TaJaBa Guidance: help with wholistic business/venture planning abunDANCE in Schools: Workshops for Primary and Secondary schools

Abit's Secret:

Abit's Secret: Overstanding the Warrior's Province This course is based on a highly creative allegory on the profound nature of space and life, the story is called Abit’s Secret. Meta & Quantum – Physics & Key Maths this learning forms a gateway into advance visualisation and knowledge. The course is for both young and maturing children, families and teachers too. The Story/course of ABit's Secret has 12 Chapters, they reveal the deeper meanings of key terms and principles. The Unifiedknowledge Pedagogy (approaches to teaching and learning) is also shared for parent and teacher empowerment. The Appendix/Glossary gives profound insight and altogether enable the expressing of One's Overstanding of One's Space For parents and teachers learning how to share the deepest core ideas of maths through creative story will prove to be a life changing experience. Not to mention you own journey to "Overstanding" space in all its dimensions. You'll be saying Wow ! too. This course is well suited to the mature young, especially those who are clearly known as gifted and talented, help them grow beyond the appearance of limits around them. CODE: HRS: WKS: DAY: TIME: FEE: ASOtWP 45m 11 of 13 customised customised £180 WEB: Page: 18 of 28 c o urses @ bl a c k op en uni v erisit

Abit and the Point of Origin: What is Number? This new course and supporting book gives the perfect introduction to NUMBER, the real story. The story goes that Abit, the preying mantid, took one of his special naps and as he slept a whole world was created. In this place it was strange because at first he couldn't perceive anything but then a point came to him. Immediately he created another point and so there where two points, they were twins. Abit played with the points all day realising for the first time what a day was and from that point on space-time was known in a deeper way. Abit went to his friend Winchi, the Crane, to show her his points and the new world he was coming to know. She was impressed and in her excitement she... The story/course goes on to explore: point, space-time, +1, Two, One, Point of Origin, Zero, NUMBERS, MEASUREMENT, -1, Minus One, limitlessness, infinity, Half, RATIO, fractions, rational, Irrational, imaginary and composite numbers, patterns 1- 1 CODE: HRS: WKS: DAY: TIME: FEE: AatPoO 45m 12 of 13 customised customised £180 WEB: Page: 19 of 28 c o urses @ bl a c k op en uni v erisit

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Black Open University (BOU) Prospectus 2019-2020
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