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Abundance Centres (UK) - GCSE Maths 2015+ a strategic overview of reforms

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Abundance Centres (UK) - GCSE Maths 2015+ a strategic overview of

Twice the size of other GCSEs Aspects of the past higher tier will come into the foundation tier. A bigger GCSE - Big Maths Estimated need: 20% more teaching time, more time in the classroom. How is your child's school going to deliver this? Double weighted in school performance tables - more important to assessing "best/worst" performing schools. Quite a bit of the content is changing from the past, redesigned to be more demanding. Revised content Less rote style learning more problem solving. more questions will be less clearly structured and more open ended. All students will need to master fundamentals, a higher level of competence will be required from all. AO1 More multi step not just single step solutions required, students no longer Work towards objectives; systematic, become more efficient and effective. guided through the stages of a problem. AO2 Better reasoning, Know the nature of fear so as to deter, subdue or destroy it. Learn to overstand the context of your environment Rebuild One's self-belief, remove negative thought patterns. UK GCSE Maths reforms 2015 and beyond. interpreting, construction of chains of reasoning required. This is different from applying maths in context and selecting appropriate methods (the more general requirement of the past). Be questioning and self testing Changes to Assessment Objectives (AO) & Processes. AO3 More connections of different maths strands and self evaluation of chosen methods required. More exam time: 4+ hours in final exams. Up from an average of 3 hours. Assessment What is learning? The Practice; private and collective. Better memory of more formulas required as less will be provided in test papers. Practice to achieve Practice Level 2 at least across all subject areas. Then move point by point to Practice Level 1 towards total mastery. These are Unifiedknowledge standards (find out more). General learning tips for parents and other teachers. GCSE Maths 2015 and beyond: a strategic overview New grades system: A+-G will disappear. The new systems still works with two tiers ("foundation" & "higher"). 1=lowest, 9=highest. Foundation tier can achieve 1-5, higher tier 4-9. What tier will your child(ren) be put in? Audit assessments models (as per the qualifying authority YOU have chosen) Practice checking your answers and ideas Now: look for learning opportunities in the now (the present time). Know and work to a proper schedule of study & practice. Spiral curriculum recognised as the way. Not modular but "spiral curriculum" delivery required by teachers and systems (revisiting core learning points repeatedly over time). Are teachers and standard school systems ready for this? Family directed learning Community-led learners' cooperatives Identify comprehensive and digestible learning pedagogies, resources and sources. Build learner cooperatives. Where do you fit into all of this? uBe more @uLearnNaturally What is mathematics? Learning maths and learning to pass "standard system" maths exams are two very different things, do you know what this means?

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